About Us

Who are we? What is our story?


We call Edmonton, Canada home. We love our amazing country and all it has to offer. We are a small micro-roaster, and home based business in SW Edmonton run by a husband and wife team! 


Building Northern Collective allows us to give back to the community in more ways that are important to us. This includes stewardship for the outdoors and our natural places, volunteering in our communities, and striving to build a more sustainable company in the long term. 


Why us? What makes us unique?

First lets look at our roasting machine. It is an all electric hot air roaster! This means a cleaner cup of coffee since there is no taste imparted from burning of natural gas or propane in the roasting process. We also want to give back - So every 3 months we will be selecting a new charity and we will give them 5% of our profits from the past 3 months! Currently we have donated to SCARS Care YEG & True North Aid among others!